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Security patrols JACKSON SQAURE property 24/7 so you are never alone within the mall.

There are cameras within the studio space which record activity at all times. This is for everyone's safety and peace of mind. We want to create a safe and creative space for everyone using the studio.


Please be respectful of other artists space in the studio. You are not permitted to touch or go through the spaces of other creators in the studio without consent.



Each artist has their own door code to enter the space. These codes are NOT to be shared or given to other people including your guests, friends or clients.


There are no noise limits in the studio space when you're alone. However if there are other guests or creators in the space please make sure the noise isn't disrupting anyone else in the space.



  • You are welcome to bring in guests while you are in the space.

  • If you are working in the PRIVATE studio space you are limited to 1-2 guests since it is a smaller area.

  • if you are working in the GERNERAL studio space you can have up to 4 guests while working in that area.


*If you require more people in the studio space please send a request directly to Dope Chief.



You are responsible for your guests and any damages that may occur from negligence while utilizing the space. Please be considerate of others items,  work, materials, and space while you and your guests are in the studio.



 On the lanyard located inside the supply closet there are 2 fobs and a key. 1 fob is for the staff only washroom and one is to re-enter the studio(press fob on keypad). The key is for the sink located near the exit doors to the roof.



Studio members and guests are allowed to use the STAFF ONLY washrooms located on the main floor next to the public washrooms. The fob for the washroom is hanging in the storage closet and should be returned there once finished for other studio members to use.



 There is a sink we have access to located neat the doors to the roof outside of the studio. The key to that sink is on the same lanyard as the washroom fob.





-If you have a car you can enter 24/7 through the loading docks off of Mcnab st.


  • You can enter 24/7 through the mall doors located on KING ST. (Door by TD bank entrance).There is always security there.

  • They may hesitate to let you in but simply explain you 

    work at the ART STUDIO next to Liaison Collage.

  • Security isn't always aware of who works in the space but we are 100% allowed to be in the studio anytime.



  • The light switches for the studio are located inside

  • the fuse box by the yellow wall

  • All studio lights are marked with a purple dot and those are the only ones you need to switch on.

  •  Lights do not have to be turned off when you leave the studio.



All supplies and materials located inside the storage room are free to use. Any materials or supplies you use should be put back when finished. If you use the last of a material just let Dope Chief know so he can replace the item.



No materials or supplies on or near any other artists work station are free to use. Please have explicit permission before using another creators supplies or materials.



  • All artists and creators are welcome to leave items and work materials in the studio.

  • Please speak directly with Dope Chief if you'd like to keep items in the studio to find you a proper area for your items.

  • If there are items you'd like to store in the space please add tags to each item with your name on it.


You are welcome to leave food and drinks in the kitchen area and use the mini fridge. Anything you don't want touched please label and tag with your name. Anything not labelled or marked is free to use to all studio guests.



There are several garbage cans throughout the studio space you can use. If you need to throw out a garbage bag there is a large garbage bin located in the loading docks.


If you notice a leak, power outage, smell, water damage or AC is out please let Dope Chief know directly as these are issues the mall deals with and a work order needs to be made to address the issue.




If there is an emergency or issue within the mall or outside the studio space, that needs immediate attention please let security know. Their main office is located right at the bottom of the stairs next to the library.


If it is an emergency within the studio please contact Dope Chief or Vaughn (Studio Manager) at @einunseen 289-253-7797

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