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"In 2018 I experienced a really sad and depressing time in my life. I could feel this sadness and negativity start to creep into my mind. It became harder and harder to create from a place that wasn't negative. The works I would create would be infected by a sad undertone. I could see this energy start to take shape and manifest as it's own living being separate from myself but occupying the same mind.


Finally I decided that I needed to release this energy so that it would no longer influence my head and work.


This gave birth to The DoUgH CHiEf who only exists to express sadness, negativity and mock the Dope Chief. A knock-off artist that creates in a very minimal manner only using black ink, paint or makers on a white surface to create his work.  


In order to fully separate The DoUgH cHiEf from Dope Chief I only allow the DoUgH cHiEf to create using my left hand. While all the work created by Dope Chief is made with my right hand. This allows me to separate both artists within my mind but also physically as well. "


- Dope Chief

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